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Last Updated: 4/17/2023, 1:09:10 AM

# Overview

The AccelByte Cloud Distribution services empower you to be your own publisher and distribute your titles autonomously. Our Player Portal allows you to build your own game distribution platform, with additional features such as App Editor allowing you to easily customize the look and feel of your platforms.

The AccelByte Cloud Distribution service offers several advantages for game developers, including:

  • A publishing platform where you make the rules. Our Player Portal gives you the tools you need to create a publishing platform where you have ultimate control over your games, player data, and brand. When you publish your own game, there are no limits on your ability to build an engaged community or innovate game design.
  • A customization tool. App Editor allows you to apply changes to the view and configurations for your Player Portal during runtime, meaning that no rebuild or redeployment is needed.
  • Efficient updating. Our Launcher only downloads the game files that are needed for an update instead of redownloading the entire launcher each time. We do this with a tool our clients use to upload game packages, which we then "chunk" into little pieces and track in our Build Info Service. This way, the Launcher can check the difference between a user’s current version and what is needed to download and upgrade the Launcher to the latest version.

# Table of Contents

Patcher Learn how to manage your game build versions using our BuildInfo, BuildUtil, and Differ tools. App Editor (Early Access) Learn how to customize and configure your Launcher. Twitch Integration Learn how to integrate Twitch.